ben2The Australian Mental Health Party is a new federal political party focused on people. We stand for better mental health and well-being, a more inclusive society, and a smarter economy. You can check out some of our policies on the menu above.

Our party draws together people from all walks of life, not just those who live with a mental health issue or work in the sector. In our view, positive mental health and well-being belong to all of us - we can't afford to make this an issue for 'others' to deal with. With that in mind, the composition of our working groups and committees are intentionally inclusive, bringing together all Australians in partnership and cooperation, with the goal of making our society a better place.

Our background comes from a growing public concern that mainstream political parties see mental health as a secondary issue. In 2014 our group first came together with a vision to create a political party which puts mental health first. Through the voluntary efforts and passion of all involved, we worked hard to create the world's first political party of this kind. And now we are here. The Federal Election is coming - will you vote for us?