How did you first get involved in the AMHP?
After deciding not to pursue a career in counselling, I still wanted to get involved in the issue of mental health in some capacity. In recent years I have developed an interest in politics, and upon learning through an online search that there was a party focussed on this, I contacted the leader to express my interest. I opted to become a member of the WA Advisory committee, and in recent times, have been mostly involved in assisting with the party’s online presence.

What do you find most challenging about the issue of mental health?
I personally am not challenged by the issue of mental health – my own experiences have led to a greater appreciation of its importance.

What do you wish people knew about the issue of mental health?
Before discovering this party, I was casually working on a campaign idea of my own to try and counteract the stigma of mental health. Perhaps my greatest wish would be that EVERYONE recognised mental health to be as important as any other aspect of health and to act accordingly to tend to their own needs, and not feel ashamed.

Define yourself in three words
Creative, honest, ambitious.