Make your preferences count at the election, by voting below the line in the senate.

We rank ordered our top 12 senate picks for Western Australia and Queensland where we are running candidates. Based on our analysis and debate within the party, we think these candidates will best represent good policy on mental health and well-being. You can follow our guide below, or better yet, rank all of senate candidates below the line as you see fit. As you can see from our order of preferences, we rank order candidates based on what we know about their position and perspective on mental health, not just along party lines. That is, we are far more interested in where each candidate stands on mental health than which party they are aligned with. We’ve put the focus on the larger political parties, to make the point that there are some candidates you can choose to make a real difference, across all factions of Australian politics. We hope you place us first!

Western Australia Queensland
1. Ben MULLINGS – Australian Mental Health Party 1. Paul STEVENSON – Australian Mental Health Party
2. Jordan STEELE-JOHN – The Greens (WA) 2. Tania MAJOR – Australian Labor Party
3. Bhuwan KHADKA – The Greens (WA) 3. Paul SCARR – Liberal National Party of Queensland
4. Patrick DODSON – Australian Labor Party 4. Frank GILBERT – Australian Labor Party
5. Giz WATSON – The Greens (WA) 5. Nicole TOBIN – Liberal National Party of Queensland
6. Louise PRATT – Australian Labor Party 6. Raelene ELLIS – The Greens
7. Trischa BOTHA – Liberal 7. Navdeep Singh SIDHU – The Greens
8. Heather LONSDALE – The Greens (WA) 8. Nita GREEN – Australian Labor Party
9. Matt O’SULLIVAN – Liberal 9. Stacey SCHINNERL – Australian Labor Party
10. Jacqueline van GROOTEL – The Green (WA) 10. Susan MCDONALD – Liberal National Party of Queensland
11. Thomas FRENCH – Australian Labor Party 11. Larissa WATERS – The Greens
12. Linda REYNOLDS – Liberal 12. Johanna KLOOT – The Greens