Hi I’m Paul Stevenson, and I’ll be running for the Senate in Queensland at the election.

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(+617) 3839 4649

I am a registered Psychologist in Australia with forty-six (46) years experience in the Human Services Industry, both to the private and public sectors.  I have extensive Clinical experience, and hold a Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology.  Over the past thirty (30) years, I have provided services in the clinical treatment of victims of trauma, and the strategic design and evaluation of Disaster Management interventions.  In my personal life, I am a single father of two, and have experienced many of the difficulties of raising children alone.

I am a Fellow and current National President of the Australian Association of Psychologists, and In my professional capacity, I have provided on-site consultancy services to most major disasters in Australia (over the past thirty years), and more recently to international disasters involving Australians. I have worked in psychiatric services, community health, aged care, hospitals, institutions, addictions, education, and self-help agencies (to name a few).  I am also a staunch advocate for the plight of Asylum Seekers and Refugees, having served as Senior Psychologist for Australia’s off-shore detention facilities on both Nauru and Manus Island.

I bring to the Mental Health Party, almost half a century of practitioner based experience in the area.  In short, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work.  I have seen programs come and go over the years, fuelled by Government incentives, popularist ideals, ineffective use of funds and mis-spent budgets.  And, along the way, a few success stories as well.

My reason for joining the Party, and representing it in the Senate, is my fervent belief in it’s positivity – that sense that good mental health is an attainable goal in modern Australian society, and that with the right set of policies, we can aim to turn a culture of mental ill-health toward a culture of positive well-being and support.  In my dealings with people, I have always sensed they have more resilience than they themselves accredit.  I have witnessed (particularly in my disaster management) the capacity of ordinary people to rise against adversity, and find the strength to overcome seemingly impossible odds.

In my Senate campaign, I also intend to rise up against a seemingly impossible position on the Ballot paper.  I’m the last name on the paper, which makes my name easy to find. A vote for me is a vote for putting the compassionate treatment of people first.