Joining as a member helps us in several ways. Our Supporting Members help us maintain our registration with the AEC. Financial Members dedicate resources to our projects and activities. Our Contributing Members volunteer their time, skills, or resources to the party, as a valued contribution to our goals. We recommend financial membership for those who can afford it as we do not have the backing of big business, unions, or other special interest groups. Please keep in mind that membership fees to a registered political party are tax deductible.

Supporting Member
Stand with the party as a member for the purposes of AEC registration
Keep updated about party activities
May attend Advisory meetings with eligibility to vote and propose motions
Observer status at State/Territory Council and Annual Conference
Financial Member 2018
$50 / year
Support our party with an annual fee
Full Rights of Membership
Participation in party meetings
Eligibility for representative positions
Contributing Member
If you're on a low income you can still help by volunteering time, energy, or skills.
Join a committee or get involved in our projects
Participate in party meetings
Eligibility as office bearer/representative
* some conditions apply