Do you have a passion for mental health and well-being?

If you’re reading this, then hopefully that means you’re at least interested in our party. Hopefully some of you might want to find out more about getting involved. A lot of us have some personal experiences relating to mental health in one way or another. Often that can leave you with sense of purpose or a need to do something meaningful about the issue. Whether that’s true of your story in life or not, our view is that positive mental health and well-being is a responsibility which belongs to all of us. Our party wants to bring everyone together and generate policy ideas which help every person live a better life.

How you can help us

The strength of our group comes from the people who contribute to what we do. All over Australia, members of the party volunteer on our committees. We connect to each other once a month over the Internet to talk about the direction of the party and collectively plan our projects together. Our meetings are usually between one and two hours long and the main thing we ask is that you share your perspective. Some members bring skills in areas like media, political strategy, law, accounting, creative design, and psychology. Others bring a valuable background of lived experience, or just a kind and considerate presence which adds so much to our team.

What we need at the moment

Right now we have to plan for the Federal Election, which could happen anytime within the next six months. This is a time where we actually need all kinds of people to step forward. In the coming months we will be working on fundraisers and bringing more public awareness to the party and our goals. A big part of that mean connecting with local community groups, bringing more people to the party, and activating interest in helping as we approach election day. There’s a lot of work to do and this is a worthwhile cause!


Please get in touch by email and we can go from there: