Do you have a passion for mental health and well-being?

In one way or another, most of us have some personal experiences relating to mental health. It can leave you with sense of purpose or a need to do something meaningful about the issue. Whether that’s true of your story in life or not, our view is that positive mental health and well-being is a responsibility for all of us. We’d like to bring everyone together and generate policy ideas to help Australians live better lives.

How you can help

We have some great ideas as a party, but ultimately we need to put those ideas into action. You might be thinking you have no experience with politics, but that’s okay. Most of us who volunteer for the party are in the same boat. Each of us bring something unique to the group, whether it’s just offering some time, valuable experiences or perspective, or skills like creative writing and book-keeping, or knowledge relating to media, law, or psychology. Imagination is the only limit to what you can bring to the party.

What we need at the moment

Right now, the most valuable thing people can offer is a little of their time and energy to work on the projects we have in development. We learned so much from the Federal Election and now we are at a stage of growth and expansion. Our focus in the year ahead is really just to connect with local community groups, bring more people to the party, and give mental health far greater visibility. We’ll be doing a full review of our policies and looking for people to fill key roles as we form groups in each state. If you have some time and energy to be one of those people, please step forward. It would be wonderful to meet you.


Get in touch by email ( and introduce yourself. We are looking forward to hearing from you!