Dr Ben Mullings is the endorsed candidate for the Australian Mental Health Party. He will be representing our party at the coming By Election. Ben will be standing for the seat of Perth.

Ben’s career background is in the area of psychology, where he has worked for community agencies, in private practice and also in teaching counsellors at university. He’s a published author of research with an interest in evidence-based policy in mental health care. Part of his interest in politics is to see better reforms to policy based on good quality evidence. For the last decade he has campaigned for better public access to mental health care services.

In his personal life, Ben lives with his wife and two children. He brings a personal background of lived experience with mental health issues which affected his family of origin and arose from trauma. These experiences have driven him to learn more about mental health and search for ways to improve our society, both individually and collectively. He believes in placing value in people first and foremost, with a vision to help each person connect and relate to each other and also to the world around them.