Mental Health and the Federal Budget 2019

This year’s pre-election federal budget came with an impressive-sounding $737 million allocated to mental health. As usual however, the fine-print tells a different story. On budget night, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to space out funding across several years. In this case, the $737 million is spans a seven-year period, which […]

Quiz Night 2019 (recap)

Last week we held our first big event and it was a blast! We were booked out and all around the room we could see smiles and hear people having a good time. We’d like to express big thanks to all of you in Perth who came along. Here’s a quick recap on how it […]

Month in Review (Mar 2019)

With the upcoming federal election now a matter of weeks away, the Australian Mental Health Party is buzzing with activity. This week we will hold our first large-scale social event, the ‘Mind Games’ quiz night fundraiser. This will be an opportunity for interaction with all members of the community who are interested in our party […]

Month in review (Jan 2019)

As we see in the new year, the Australian Mental Health Party wishes to observe some recent activity. One of our key policies concerns the extent of Medicare coverage for people seeking psychological support. A recent federal review of the currently provided services has sparked a debate between mental health care professionals. This has unfortunately […]

Month in review (Dec 2018)

On behalf everyone, I’d like to wish you all a safe and happy festive season. For some this is a time to surround yourself in love and good company. For others, it’s about finding connection, or getting some well-earned rest. Right now, our party is reaching out to you to express gratitude. Thank you so […]