On 23rd July, 2019, The Joint Executive for the Australian Mental Health Party held its monthly meeting and engaged in an honest and thorough discussion of where our party has been, where we are now and where we plan to go. After a disappointing Election result in May 2019, we have been pooling together to work out the best way forward and how we can use our first attempt at getting into Federal parliament as one we can all learn from.

There have been a few ongoing points of discussion that our Joint Executive believe we need to share with the greater community and all committee members who have given us their support thus far. Transparency is of utmost importance to us. In order to continue adhering to our party’s core values of empowerment, equity and equality, better support and connection – it is imperative that we continue to garner more support from the wider community. We are looking for members to get involved in the party and contribute what they can so that the party can continue to grow! This is essential to our success.

Our Chairperson, Dr. Ben Mullings, has announced a review of the policies we have developed as a party. Financial members of the party are being encouraged to keep their membership current so they can have their say about our direction and ongoing development as a political party.

Every two years we formally nominate office bearers for the key roles in our party, which is coming up at the Annual Conference (our AGM) this year. We are asking all party members to consider nominating.

From our discussions following the election, it was clear that the party needed to be much better resourced – with more funding – to run enough candidates to get above the line on the senate ballot and substantially increase our public visibility. We have formed a fundraising working group who will be tasked with running events across Australia, to raise funds and increase local participation to support our party.

We recognise that mental health policy is EVERYONE’s issue and is one that affects a diversity of groups. We appreciate that even with topical issues, everyone has their own unique view and valuable input. So, we are committed to developing better systems to communicate with our members and supporters. Brief updates on our regular meetings will form one part of that, as evidenced here. We will also be updating our website and looking at better use of social media to get our message across to a wider audience.

These are only our current points of discussion and we welcome your feedback, ideas and suggestions. If you share our passion for better mental health, a more inclusive society, and a smarter economy – then we would highly recommend that you get in touch and join our party!


Thuy Yau ~ Communications Officer
Thuy proudly joined the team after learning about the funding cuts to the Better Access initiative and realising that in order to enact change, you must be a part of the process. She is happiest when she is contributing to meaningful causes. With her work as a freelance writer, experience in working with people with mental health issues and lived experience of mental health, she feels grateful to be working together with like-minded individuals who refuse to accept things as they are. She believes with the support of Australia behind us, our party is destined for great things.

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