MEDIA RELEASE  16 Oct 2018

The Australian Mental Health Party says there’s no place for discrimination in our schools.

We believe it is unacceptable to exclude people based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or relationship status. In our view, both students and teachers deserve appropriate protections from discrimination.

Dr Ben Mullings is concerned about plans to amend the Sex Discrimination Act to allow religious schools more freedoms to discriminate.

“The vision of our party is that an optimal society is inclusive and values diversity. Given that we now recognise same-sex marriage in Australia, we need to provide the right conditions at our schools – a welcoming and accepting environment.”

While the PM says that schools should not be able to discriminate against students based on their sexuality, Dr Ben Mullings believes that those reassurances don’t go far enough.

“It sends a mixed message, where diversity is accepted for young people but rejected for the adults. That type of double-standard is likely to result in a climate of fear, repression, and shame, for those who are same-sex attracted.”

“Discrimination is a major factor contributing to poor mental health.”

Dr Mullings will be available for interview on the details below.

Phone: 0423 176 443

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    Being exempt should be sparingly applied to individual circumstances not a class. We all should seek to be inclusive, diverse and respectful of difference and this is a society wide culture and environment.notion of significant and shared importance to all.

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