On behalf everyone, I’d like to wish you all a safe and happy festive season. For some this is a time to surround yourself in love and good company. For others, it’s about finding connection, or getting some well-earned rest. Right now, our party is reaching out to you to express gratitude. Thank you so much for being there for us this year. We hope that the coming year brings all of us a chance to collectively turn the good will I’ve been seeing lately into a positive change for the rest of Australia.

Here’s a quick summary of a few things our party has done this month:

At the start of this month, our party showed Australia a vision for reform to the education sector. We believe that mental health and well-being are of central importance to every portfolio. That is, wherever people are involved, there’s a need to factor in the experience of human beings. Please take a look and tell us what you think.

Several stories in the media highlighted the need for better Medicare support for those who seek psychological care. The government announced more sessions of psychological care for those diagnosed with a severe eating disorder. That’s great news, however there are now questions about the needs of those who have other complex, chronic, and severe issues which will not get support under these changes. People are also wondering how far the funding will go, which promises up to 40 sessions but is only budgeted for an average of 7 sessions. The Australian Mental Health Party will continue to push for more inclusive policies, helping people receive enough Medicare support to fully recover regardless of their diagnosis.

In the background our team are working really hard to get ready for the election. There’s going to be a lot of activity and news from us in early 2019. Join with us and make a difference. Now is the time!

Ben is a Counselling Psychologist with an interest in evidence-based policy. He co-founded the party with the aim of bringing positive and preventative mental health care to the top of Australia’s political agenda. Our party strives to have inclusive representation across all mental health professions and members of the public including people with lived experience, family and carers, and all others with an interest in positive mental health and well-being. We believe that good mental health belongs to all of us and that if we hope to change society, then we all need to identify personally with the way forward. If you would like to get involved and help us find better solutions, please contact us (at communications@amhp.org.au). We would love to hear from you!

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