The Perth 2018 By Election vote tally came back with a great result for our first attempt. There were 903 people in Perth who gave us their vote for Dr Ben Mullings in the number 1 position, representing 1.58% of the total. In general, the polling places covered by our volunteers lifted the average. However, there were a few spikes in other locations, such as Perth Central, Northbridge, and Eden Hill, all above 2% of the primary vote. Morley Primary School was a clear front-runner at 4.7% of first preferences (around 1 in 20 voters). You can check out the official polling results here.

Please join us in expressing thanks to our volunteers who handed out how-to-vote cards on the day. We have learned a lot from this first experience, and when the federal election comes next year, we will be ready. Will you join us? We need every person we can to make mental health a priority.

If you think you can help, get in touch ( Become a member of the party, stand with us, and make a difference! Your friendly comments are welcome below.

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  1. DoHi


    I did my bit in Ashfield… Once I realised I had to vote 🙄
    One concern I had… Polls open till 1800… Democracy sausages packed up and gone by 1600.

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