The vision of our party is for all people in Australian society to have optimal mental health and well-being.

At our national conference this year, we passed a resolution to begin working towards our vision by developing policy on the following domains:

  • Create a simpler system for accessing mental health care under Medicare. We believe the system needs to be flexible enough to allow people to see a therapist they trust, with fair and consistent levels of support to see all suitably qualified practitioners who provide psychological care. Importantly, the Medicare system needs to allow people to continue with therapy until they have recovered. Australia currently offers a fragmented system where Medicare support varies considerably from one therapist to another, ending abruptly if people have not recovered within ten appointments.
  • Nationally consistent standards of teaching about healthy relationships and positive mental health. We believe that good mental health begins early on in life and that our experiences at school form a significant part of the lives of young Australians. Presently, children and adolescents spend a tiny portion of their time at school learning about how to build and maintain positive mental health. Our party will develop policy direction focused on improving cognitive, emotional, and interpersonal functioning of young people. We will look beyond the ‘health and physical education’ classroom, to implement reform across the entire system.
  • Setting some goals across a number of mental health targets. Australia currently has no clear mental health goals for some of the most important issues, like suicide reduction, increasing the scale of funding to address mental health, or basic goals like providing safe and secure housing for people in need. Our party intends to change that. We will set goals across all of these areas and more, to show a better way forward.

In addition to the above, we also want to develop policies in many other important areas too, including:

  • Making sure that our existing mental health programs are not dismantled before new ones can be put in place
  • Ensuring that those who require care in hospital are managed more sensitively, at intake, within the hospital, and returning back to the community.
  • Improving support services for people affected by domestic violence and family breakdown
  • Helping people to maintain functioning at work and in wider society
  • Directly addressing issues around isolation and loneliness in late age
  • Policies of inclusion, transparency, and fairer representation

If you support our vision for change, or if you have some good ideas and energy, then join us. Become a member of the party and get involved (its free). Use the button below and follow the prompts from there.

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