Dr Ben Mullings (Leader) Australian Mental Health Party

The Australian Mental Health Party is very pleased to announce we passed the test with the AEC and can go to the next federal election.

Earlier this year, the Australian Electoral Commission conducted a review of political parties. The review confirms we have strong support from the public. In addition, our recent constitutional change ratified at the National Conference has been updated with the AEC. This allows us to remain registered for a further period of four years, which will take us through to the next federal election. We will now set our sights on the formation of branches in each state and territory and the selection of appropriate candidates to represent us.

We call on you, our members, to spread the word about our party. Ahead of the election, we need every Australian to identify with positive mental health. If you would like to help us by contributing your time, knowledge, or skills, then please get in touch (communications@amhp.org.au). Once again, we wish to express gratitude and warm appreciation for your support. There are now some exciting possibilities ahead for us!


  1. Dana Henderson


    Congratulations Ben and the team – I couldn’t feel prouder or more encouraged. In the immortalised words oft’ spoken, from little things big things grow. I can’t wait to see you at the Federal Election and know you always have my commitment and support.
    Dana Henderson, Founding Member.

  2. Katie


    Well done, you have worked tirelessly to make this happen and I’m glad I could help in my small way!

  3. Nora Gainey


    Could you post a synopsis of platform as far as it has been decided? Thanks, Nora

    • Ben


      There is a brief summary on our policy menu (above). Here’s the direct link: https://www.amhp.org.au/2017/what-we-stand-for/

      The specifics will be worked on between now and the election. We encourage all of our members to share their ideas so that we can get a sense, directly from your input, about the direction you would like us to go as a party. If you have some constructive ideas for change, please get in touch and let us know.

  4. Reply

    Well done Ben & team! As you are aware, we have a large practice with many practitioners working in mental health in Fremantle. We note many problems in the health system in WA, and an increasing pressure on general practice to support people suffering from serious mental health problems. We would be pleased to meet with you again to offer feedback/ideas before the next election. Wishing you every success, Catherine Douglass (GP, Ellen Health, Fremantle)

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