The Australian Mental Health Party are updating our logo. The start this process we have hired a graphic designer to generate some basic concepts to further develop. We believe that members of the party should help to define our identity by telling us which of these concepts they want us to work on. In the table below you can see the three starting options. If you’d like to have a say, make sure you have joined our party for 2017 (at and once you’ve logged in you can visit our voting page and cast your vote ( You can also submit your own idea if you think you have something even better. We hope to hear from you soon!

Basic Design Description
Typographic (option 1)
This concept focuses distinctly on AMHP’s core values through a predominantly typographic approach. The brackets around the party title are intended to convey inclusion, coming together, joining, gathering, and uniting. These fall under AMHP’s core values of empowerment, support, healthy relationships and equality.For more information on this concept click here.
Graphic (option 2)
This concept combines a more graphic approach to the typographic “AMHP” logo. Circles as a shape have strong connotations of unity, promise, focus and strength, which are all key ideals to portray through AMHP’s visual identity. The circles have strong potential to be used as stand alone graphics in future collateral as a secondary visual graphic across campaign collateral and messaging in all mediums.For more information on this concept click here.
Icon (option 3)
This approach was heavily influenced by Aboriginal art. Coming back to the circle shape that represents strength, unity and focus and promise, the icon goes a step further with multi coloured dots, which visually represents diversity. The idea here is that Australia is a multicultural and unity community that the AMHP represents. At a distance, the current-like effect represents outreach and inclusion.For more information on this concept click here.

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