Hello everyone,

The Australian Mental Health Party will be holding our first National Conference on Monday 1st of May 2017. You can take a look at the information pack about this event by clicking here.

Please renew your membership with us online, which you can do by following the prompts using the ‘join’ button above (or clicking here). Your membership renewal is important for us to maintain our registration as a political party with the AEC.

At the National Conference we will also be updating our Party Constitution. If you are a financial member of the party and will be in attendance at the National Conference, please support the new constitution, which will improve the party in a number of ways:

  • Clearer articulation of our aims and how we intend to achieve our goals.
  • An inclusive new category of membership, where affordability is no barrier to political participation – this is unique to our party.
  • A democratic structure which empowers grassroots membership to decide the direction of the party, from branch, to conference, to executive level.
  • A clearer delineation of responsibilities for positions within the party.
  • A robust process to ensure that high-quality candidates are nominated as candidates for election.

Our proposed new constitution can be downloaded directly (here).

Finally, we have created a donate button on our website for those who wish to make a financial contribution to support our party’s efforts. To use it simply click the donate button above, type in your preferred donation amount, and press enter to proceed to our secure payment gateway. Keep in mind that membership fees and donations are tax deductible (up to $1500 each financial year).

Thanks once again for all your support.

Dr Ben Mullings (Chair) Australian Mental Health Party

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